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img_04 Pulping Section
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arrow_01 Turbo Separator
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arrow_01 Octopus Header
arrow_01 Hi-Con Pulper With Dilution Pulper
img_04 Paper Machine Section
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arrow_01 R.F.Former
arrow_01 Cylinder Mould With Vat
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Address : 10/3,A, Phase - |, G.I.D.C, Near. Vatva Railway Crossing, Ahmedabad - 382 445 (Gujarat) INDIA.
Phone : +91-79-40092078,
Fax : +91-79-25895904
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Cylinder Mould With Vat
arrow_01 It is the heart of a paper/board machine.
arrow_01 It controls stick flow, pickup on the felt part and is responsible for good single layer/multi layer formation & substance profile across the full web.
arrow_01 Designed according to Production requirements.
arrow_01 M.O.C of Cylinder Mould.
arrow_01 We also supply phosphorous/S.S./ Bronze spiders with bronze strips with 10 gauge S.S. wire wounding on request.
arrow_01 Tapered flow header for uniform velocity condition. Design type of Vat.
arrow_01 Counter Flow Vat- This type used for mainly in Board M/C & Slow Speed.
arrow_01 Uniflow Flow Vat- This type used for good formation of Craft board & duplex board.
arrow_01 Increase in formation pressure.
arrow_01 Shortening of the forming zone.
arrow_01 Reduction in the amount of water carry-over from the inside of mould.
arrow_01 Possibility of regulation the flow speed of stock suspension in forming zone.
arrow_01 Reducing the effect of centrifugal force.
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